Cousin Kasyte

Cousin Kasyte is a diaristic journey into the Lithuanian heartland in search of roots, history, and family.

Stashu Kybartas always wondered about his past, his family. The nuns who raised him didn’t know, his relatives didn’t want to discuss it; everyone in his childhood feared to look back at that old country. It wasn’t until the early 90’s and the fall of the Soviet Union, when Kybartas was allowed to cross borders and make forays into unmapped farmlands and disappeared villages. Somewhere there, he finds Kasyte in a veritable anthill of missing cousins. The dynamic between the two reveals a culture that built itself around the earth, animals and crops – the inherited sum of some ancient mode of survival.

Cousin Kasyte was shot on location in Lithuania by Stashu Kybartas and edited and co-produced by Yoni Goldstein at Standing Point Films in 2005.

Direction / Production / Direction of Photography – Stashu Kybartas
Co-Production/ Editing/ Script Consulting – Yoni Goldstein
Score – Shaun Williams