A new video by Nadav Assor, with cinematography by Yoni Goldstein

Two performers acting as themselves: a healer and a security guard, exchange roles throughout this piece. Each performer in turn examines the other on multiple levels, visually, physically, mentally and verbally, commanding their posture while stripping away layers of clothing and personal narrative, all with the aid and interference of a strange camera ­device. The choreographies of body-therapy and body-­search are conflated and contrasted throughout this video, with each performer’s actions further mediated via a camera they wear, pointed at their own eyeball and thus providing a reflected image of the second performer, now the subject of their actions. Both participant’s stories, triggered and exposed via the interface of touch, reveal moments of vision and the lack of it, while being constantly plagued by the blind spot generated by the camera itself, squarely present at the center of the frame.