G-loc: Vivid Dreamlets / Beautiful Places

G-Loc: Vivid Dreamlets / Beautiful Place is a three-channel video rebus assembled through a series of drownings, car crashes, scientifically induced supernatural phenomenae, confinement and disjuncted consciousness. Presented as a large scale, high definition video installation with holophonic sound and bibliographic notes, the piece arranges an open set of questions about signification, corporeality, and techno-sensual cosmologies.

Experimental Film / Installation, 2009

direction/editing: Yoni Goldstein
additional cinematography / production: Meredith Zielke
sound: Noé Cuéllar, Yoni Goldstein, Joseph Michael Kramer and Chad Clark
animation: Gonzalo Alfonso Escobar Mora
performance: Sebastian Alvarez
voice overs:
Irina Botea, Razvan Botea, Meredith Zielke Adam Rose, Noé Cuéllar, and Mahmoud Taie
installation: Yoni Goldstein, Meredith Zielke, Kat Scott Chris Frost, Lauren Mardirosian and Sebastian Alvarez
scientific imaging: Roberto Vega-Morales and William Gannon
offset printer operation: Andrew Blackley