Refusing to be Enemies: The Zeitouna Story

Refusing to Be Enemies: The Zeitouna Story profiles the twelve women of an Ann Arbor dialogue group called Zeitouna (“olive tree” in Arabic) and documents their developing relationship over a four-year period. Six of the Zeitouna women are of Arab descent and six are of Jewish descent. Some are native born and some are immigrants. What they all have in common is their humanity and their desire to bridge the gulf that has developed between their two communities. They chose the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as the focus of the group and use the dialogue process as a means of personal transformation leading to socio-political transformation.

Feature documentary, 2007

In 2004, Laurie White envisioned of a film showing Zeitouna’s learning as a model for others. Refusing To Be Enemies is Zeitouna’s story, a 58-minute documentary targeted for national and international distribution as an inspiring educational tool. White captures both the pain and the joy inherent in dialogue’s mastery.

Director / Producer – Laurie White
Directors of Photography – Meredith Zielke, Yoni Goldstein
Editors – Yoni Goldstein, Meredith Zielke, Shaun Williams