Thick Relations

“Thick Relations” is film about confronting the deep losses we experience in the face of change, and our propensity to expand – or contract – in response to that. Set in Chicago and made up of a cast of (mostly) non-actors, the performers largely play themselves, and the collaboratively developed story explores both fictional and actual dynamics between the three central characters and their more extended queer families. Functioning outside of but not unrelated to the narrative, are monologues the characters deliver via Skype, to an absent and unnamed “listener” on the other end. Additionally, the narrative is interrupted by abstract sexual encounters, which are not clearly marked as past, present, or future. In “Thick Relations” we are forced to face a future we fear will be lonely and hope will be filled with love.

Direction: Jules Rosskam, Cinematography: Meredith Zielke & Yoni Goldstein